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Veolia Průmyslové služby ČR

Since June 2010 Veolia Průmyslové služby ČR and its subsidiary companies has been a member of the Veolia Energie in the Czech Republic Group, one of the country’s major energy groups. Veolia Průmyslové služby ČR is a global reference in respect of mining and industry as it is responsible for electricity supply and distribution and heat, hot water and compressed air production for the purpose of coal extraction from mines owned by OKD, the country’s largest extraction company. Electricity supply and distribution is also provided for other final customers connected to the local distribution system of Veolia Průmyslové služby ČR.

Subsidiary companies

Veolia Komodity ČR

Veolia Komodity ČR

Veolia Komodity ČR is one of the largest independent electricity traders in the Czech Republic. It operates on the Czech and foreign wholesale markets where it sells electrical energy to final customers, provides transmission capacities outside the Czech Republic and trades within the adjacent foreign operators’ energy systems. 

Veolia Powerline Kaczyce

Veolia Powerline Kaczyce

Veolia Powerline Kaczyce operates in Poland where it buys and distributes electricity. It owns the Pogwizdów 110/6 kV transformer station that supplies 110 kV electricity to a unit separated from the Czech electrical grid. This unit is used by two hard coal mines owned by the largest coal company in the Czech Republic, OKD.


Key figures for 2015

  • Turnover: CZK 1.5 billion
  • Employees: 259
  • Heat production: 666 TJ
  • Cold distribution: 91,726 MWh
  • Electricity distribution: 756 GWh
  • Compressed air sales: 934 million Nm3